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Haus Morrisson ~ Sires we have Used

All of the sires we use in our program are health tested

Fetto's Pedigree Link    

Fetto is a moderately sized male with very thick bone structure, and striking dark pigment. He is imported from the Czech Republic and sired by Kato Artitar Bastet. Fetto has high drives which allow him to be successful in IPO (V Rated Protection Scores), but he also lives in the home. He enjoys swimming and hanging out on the porch when he is not working. He is social with other dogs, neutral with people and is easy to handle. He is a stud that stands out due to qualities we desire to see in our puppies, and we are very grateful to have the opportunity to use him.

SV Dentition: Full
DM: (N/N) Normal
SV Hips: A1 Normal
SV Elbows: Normal
Ausdauerprüfung (AD)
Breed Survey: KKL

Fetto is the sire of our upcoming "Q" Litter

SG Fetto z Lomeckeho Polesi 

Beny's Pedigree Link    

Beny is a magnificent male with correct structure, rich dark pigment and heavy bone. He is a recently imported, retired Slovak Police K9.  Beny is sired by Hokey Va-Pe who is known for producing hard working dogs and is a favorite of K9 handlers.  Hokey is so desired, he is in almost every policia slovakia dog's pedigree. Beny has a serious work ethic, but also has great loyalty to his family/children and handler.  His VS titles (more difficult than SVV) include extreme tracking, suspect searches (buildings, forest, etc) articles searches (bullet casing, etc), drug detection, apprehension and more.  Helpers/Decoys who have worked Beny here in the US say his grips are strong and full and he transitions easily between prey/defense.  Beny is the epitomy of a true working K9.

DM: (N/N) Normal
HD/ED:  A/A (Ausland)
Breed Survey: KKL Velmri Dobry


Beny is the sire to our "P" Litter

VD Onur Black Chabet (Beny) 
VS1 VS2 DPO1 DPO2 BH (Retired Slovak Police K9)

Isen's Pedigree Link    

From the moment we first set eyes on Isen at a Temperament Certification in 2016, he was attending, we knew this was a dog we were seriously interested in using in our program.  At that time, he only had a BH, but by late 2017.. he was already Breed Surveyed, and an IPO3.  Not only does he have handsome good looks, titles and health testings, his temperament is to die for!  Isen is a wonderful dog who we hope to use again!  Isen is owned by Deanna Evans, Evansstadt German Shepherds.
SV: HD/ED a-normal (a1) SZ: 9182166   ZW: 75
PennHip: Upper 90th percentile out of 12,012 GSD's 
DM:  Clear through parentage

Isen is the sire of our "O" Litter

SG1 Isen Vom Kavallerie
In Loving Memory..... 2008 - 2017

CMKU 68480/08, AKC DN38447101 , UKC P774-408
AKC DNA:  V719742

Ux's Pedigree Link              Ux's OFA Link

Universe Niox (aka Ux) was owned by Christina Davis of Hocking Hills Shepherd in Ohio.  Ux was a FANTASTIC male!  Strong in character, level headed and superb temperament.  Super conformation and bone, Ux had a large head and great overall look.  His pedigree is a blend of West German and Czech.  He was handler friendly, with an easy on/off switch and great work ethic.  We have personally seen Ux work in IPO and he was truly everything he was portrayed!  

In addition to Ux's numerous show and working accomplishments, he was a K9 Actor appearing in several movies,  Amanda and the Fox  playing the role of Rosco, which was released in 2017, and a horror film that will be released in 2019. 


Ux was the sire for our J - K - L & M Litters.  We are very proud to have kept back several Ux progeny for our program.

Universe Niox 


Klaus' Pedigree           Klaus' OFA


Klaus von Morrisson was bred by Haus Morrisson German Shepherds, and is owned by Kyle Zantzinger.  

His dam is Adda Gurrl vom Haus Morrisson TC and his sire is SCHH3 Kimon Zeleznicna Policia SR.  He is full sister to our dam, Budvar.  Klaus is a heavy boned male with great pigment.  An all around solid dog with a wonderful temperament.    

Klaus is the sire to our "H" Litter

Klaus von Morrisson
In Loving Memory..... 2011 - 2016

AKC:  DN31988002 , Sable Male  - AKC DNA Profile: V745451

Riks Pedigree Link              Rik's OFA Link

Rik passed in late summer 2016 due to a tragic injury.  Rik was our foundation sire.  He had many admirable qualities that can be found in of his sons/daughters.   We have several of Rik's health tested and titled son's available for stud.

  • Has produced Health Tested Progeny with: Documented OFA Good Hips/Normal Elbows, Normal Eyes, Normal Cardiac, Normal Dentition, Normal Thyroid, Neg DM

  • Has produced Temperament Certified Progeny titled in:   Champion Conformation, IPO Tracking, IPO Obedience, AKC Obedience, NACSW & AKC Nosework, AKC Herding, Dock Diving, AKC Rally,  Weight Pull, and AKC & UKC Agility.

Sire to our E, F, G & I Litters

Rik Drago von Youngerhaus CGC TT