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German Shepherd Puppies for Sale


We were doing puppy culture before it was even a 'thing'....

  • Our puppies are raised in our home with undivided personal attention, on our 30 acre farm. 

  • Prenatal Care - Dams are provided with a calm, stress free environment with proper nutrition & exercise.

  • Prenatal Stimulation - Petting the Dams abdomen activates the parasympathetic system.  Facilitating relaxation, emotional attachment and socialization.  Puppies from a petted mother have greater tolerance to handling than puppies from a mother that is not petted.  We use the T-Touch method on our dams to release tension and induce relaxation.

  • Biotinus Testing - We start getting to know our puppies immediately after birth by performing the Biotnus test (also known as the vigor for life test).  Combined with other tests and observations, we get a better understanding of each individual pup and their potential future.

  • Neurological Stimulation & Touch Conditiioning - Our puppies are gently handled using a series of exercises to produce brain wave activity.  Early brain development is enhanced by created more neuro synapses.  This early stimulation has significant lasting effects, which include improved future performance, as well as the ability to withstand stress better than non-stimulated pups.  

  •  We provide gentle daily handling from birth, which has shown to improve a pups ability to thrive.  Daily touching exercises helps desensitize pups to being touched in various ways, resulting in low body sensitivity.  From birth, each puppy is imprinted and nurtured with individual attention.  We rub their toes, massage their ears, put our fingers in their mouths, etc., several times per day. This allows for positive association with people and conditioning for future tugs, pulls, bumps which may occur in their environment.

  • Imprinting & Human Bonding - Imprinting is a form of learning which occurs from birth to 16 weeks of age.  It includes behavior patterns which are developing, attachments to people, and preferences for stimuli they have been exposed to.  We assist this process with various stimuli, activities and handling, so that the puppies will have low fear, low anxiety and high confidence during this critical time frame.  We also work on bonding and separation exercises.  We want our pups closely bonded to humans and strive for an equal balance of dependance and independence.  We begin early nail trimming and grooming exercises resulting in good long lasting behaviors.

  • Environmental Enrichment - Research shows dogs raised in a sensory rich environment develop thicker cerebral cortexes, have more synaptic contacts between neurons and have higher levels of neuro-endocrine transmitters in thier brains than those raised in a non-stimulating environment.  The results show that dogs raised in an enriched environment tend to be more inquisitive, adept at performing difficult tasks, and are more intelligent because of their experiences while young.

  • Core Behaviors/House Training - We start house-breaking at the same time we begin weaning, at about 3.5 to 4 weeks of age.  We take the pups outdoors frequently and provide positive reinforcement for proper elimination.  Puppies are well on their way with basic house training (if not completely house broken) by 6 to 8 weeks of age.  For behavior training we provide a foundation of good behaviors.  Puppies are taught to sit  before being picked up or fed and learn very quickly how to receive attention with good behaviors and are not rewarded for behaviors like jumping/nipping.  We try and introduce crates into their environment for early introduction to crate training. At about 5-6 weeks of age we start individual play sessions, where we learn each puppies personality, strengths and weaknesses.  We play ball, enjoy rag work and chase games, and learn sit & down commands.  We begin leash walking and individual property walks by 7 to 8 weeks of age.  These are just some of the reasons are puppies are so intelligent & well socialized.  



We want your dog to be obedient and trainable in every aspect, but able to be loyal and loving family member as well.  On the farm, our pups are exposed to people, traffic, loud noises (including gun fire), different types of flooring and dogs of different sizes, as well as horses.  They have an excellent foundation to move forward with confidence.  Puppies are evaluated and temperament tested in attempt to place them in the best possible home.

Our puppies are whelped indoors.  All of the puppies are identified with color codes collars from the moment they are born.  This allows us to keep track of each puppies growth and health. 


We used thick, rubber flooring over linolieum, as a base of our whelping pen.

For the first week or two, we use Vetbed® Gold, wich is a very thick fleece padding that allows liquids to move through, as well as great warmth for the puppies.  The Vetbed® Gold also provides excellent grip to promote healthy muscles and joints. 

German Shepherd Puppies Maryland
German Shepherd Puppies Maryland

As our puppies grow, so does their immediate world.  First by the expansion of their indoor pen.   And, with the addition of toys, objects (such as beds, a litter box, and climbing objects).  Puppies learn early that there is a place for sleep/play, and a place for potty.  We have seen our puppies using the litter box as early as 2 weeks of age.  This makes the transition to using the restroom outdoors much easier for them.

At about 3-4 weeks, they slowly begin to transition to solid food.  

German Shepherd Puppies for Sale
AKC German Shepherd Puppies

As soon as the puppies begin eating, they are generally ready to begin exploring their outdoor world as well.  This is when we really begin to see their personalities develop.

At about this same time, is when we begin accepting visitors to meet the puppies.  We have strict guidelines for visitors with our puppies, that must be followed to avoid outside contaminations.

We have visitors meet with the puppies both privately, and in groups.  This provides great early socialization for the pups, and, allows for their new owners to receive some early bonding time.

German Shepherd Puppies Maryland
German Shepherd Puppies Maryland
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