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Haus Morrisson ~ Past Females

SG Penny vom Agassiz TT CGC IT

Black & Red - Female May 2010 - May 2022 (Deceased)

AKC:  DN29137802 / UKC: P816-251
ZW:  80 (considered an excellent hip value by the SV)

Penny has phenomenal looks with rich black & red pigment. She has a  great desire to work and please.  She is very loyal & attentive and quick to respond to commands.  Excellent mover, super ball drive!  Penny has natural herding & tracking instincts which she passes on to her progeny.  

​Has produced Health Tested Progeny with: Documented OFA Good Hips/Normal Elbows, Normal Eyes, Normal Cardiac, Normal Dentition, Normal Thyroid, Neg DM.  Has produced Temperament Certified Progeny titled in:  Champion Conformation,  IPO Obedience, AKC Obedience, UKC Obedience, NACSW Nosework, AKC Herding, Trick Dog, Rally and IPO Beiglethund.  Penny's pedigree is WORLD CLASS There are OVER 30 VA TITLED DOGS in just 5 generations of her pedigree.  Her grand sires are the famous Schh3 2X VA1 VEGAS DU HAUT MANSARD & Schh3  FH, KKl 1, 2X VA1 YASKO VOM FARBENSPEIL.   Her pedigree also includes Schh3 KKl1 VA4 2X VA1 Enzo von Bucchorn, one of the very few confirmation line dogs documented to produce working abilities. 

Budvar Stack aug 16 - 6 EDIT 2.jpg
Budvar vom Haus Morrisson TT CGC IT

Sable Female April 2009 - November 11, 2022 (Deceased)

AKC:  DN24459907 / UKC: P785-332

Budvar is a Superior Athlete!!  Agile, Smart, High Drive!  She is one of our own breedings.  She is a sound, thick boned female. Exceptional social skills.  Excellent food & ball drive.  Quick to respond to commands and Superior Confidence.  Knows numerous hand signals, eager to please and is a joy to train.  INTELLIGENCE to the EXTREME!  Budvar has produced Health Tested Progeny with: Documented OFA Good Hips/Normal Elbows, Normal Eyes, Normal Cardiac, Normal Dentition, Normal Thyroid, Neg DM.  She has produced Temperament Certified Progeny titled in:  Grand Champion Conformation, IPO IPO Beiglethund, Tracking & Obedience, AKC Obedience, NACSW Nosework, AKC Herding, Dock Diving,  AKC Rally, Weight Pulling, Barn Hunt, AKC CGC thru CGCU and Trick Dog

adda gurrl jan 2007 - 3.jpg
Adda Gurrl Morrisson TT 

Black & Tan Female 2004 - Deceased 2017

AKC:  DN08057610 

Adda Gurrl was our foundation female, and the love of our lives.  She was the most discerning dog we have ever owned.  We liked to call her the "sentinel", as she knew her job on our farm.  She had a keen ability to determine threats.  She was full of confidence and great intelligence.   She was a loyal, willing and social dog, and a fantastic mother to her puppies.  Gurrl was a gentle leader and teacher to all the dogs that came after her.   Loyal to the end!  

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