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This agreement, made and entered into on this ____ day of __________, ______ by and between:


HAUS MORRISSON GERMAN SHEPHERDS (herein after referred to as “Seller”) And


BUYER:            _____________________________________ (herein after referred to as “Buyer”)

ADDRESS:       _______________________________________________________________________________

PHONE:            _____________________________________  EMAIL 1:  ______________________________

                        ______________________________________  EMAIL 1:  ______________________________


OTHER:  ___________________________________________________________________________



Seller does hereby agree to sell to the Buyer, and Buyer agrees to purchase the dog described below, pursuant to the terms of this agreement as follows:


BREED:  German Shepherd Dog                    DOB:    _______________               AKC Litter Reg # DN__________________

*NAME:   ____________________________ VOM HAUS MORRISSON                Sex:                                  Color: 


(Name will begin with the designated litter letter, or litter letter followed by apostrophe then name). *Please Note:  This is the AKC registered name of your puppy as it will appear on all AKC registration papers and certificates.  By signing this agreement, you agree to use this name, which will be pre-registered for you.


SIRE:  ______________________________________________________________


DAM:   _____________________________________________________________



The purchase price of the puppy        $            .00      

AKC Registration:                               $            .00         (INCLUDED in your puppy purchase price)

HOME AGAIN REGISTRATION         $        21.00         (REQUIRED)  Form Complete ___  Paid via:   CREDIT  or  CHECK

(This form will be submitted to Home Again by the breeder, after completion by owner at the time of pick/up – IT IS A SEPARATE PAYMENT)

TOTAL PURCHASE PRICE:              $             .00

BOARD & TRAIN ___ DAYS:             $             .00           Dates: _________________________________________________________

LESS DEPOSIT:                                 $             .00           Deposit Date:  __________        Type:  __________

FINAL BALANCE:                               $             .00           Payment Date: __________        Type:    __________


NOTE:  ALL PUPPIES ARE SOLD ON LIMITED AKC REGISTRATION.  Full AKC Registration MAY be granted when puppy has passed the following health testings:  OFA Hips & Elbows, and OFA DM Test . AND for training, a Minimum of BH exam or equivalent (such as AKC CD).



Buyer shall be responsible for providing all transportation and delivery of the dog at the buyer’s cost.  Puppies must be picked up within 3 days of their 8th week of age, unless a mutually agreed upon pick up date has been agreed upon. 


Available Pick Up Dates: TBD


For additional stays after 8 weeks of age, such as board and train, the buyer will be charged for any additional expenses, such as additional vaccinations, dewormings, veterinary care, etc, incurred within the timeframe between the Available and Mutual pick up dates.  These expenses also include a $30/per day training/boarding fee. Any additional expenses will be provided by Veterinarian Invoice to be paid at the time of Delivery.  By signing below, Buyer understands, and agrees to these terms.


Days for Additional Stay:  ______  Total Additional Training/Boarding Fee:  $35.00 x ______ Days = $ __________


Mutually Agreed Upon Pick Up Date:            ________________________        Buyer Initials:  ______        Seller Initials: ______



Seller warrants that at the time of transfer of ownership of the dog to the Buyer, that said dog shall be fully registerable (or already registered) with the American Kennel Club.  Seller shall provide Buyer with a letter prepared by a licensed veterinarian attesting to the dogs health at the time of delivery.  Seller has additionally provided a full health record from the time of birth.



Puppy binder with complete veterinary & breeder health documentation, to include dewormings,vet visits & vaccinations will be provided to new owner at pick up.



Seller warrants that the dog is in good health and free of inherent diseases at the time of delivery. Buyer is REQUIRED to have the puppy seen by a veterinarian within 72 hours (3 calendar days) of purchase.  Buyer must notify the Seller within 24 hours of veterinary visit if the veterinarian has deemed the dog not to be in good health, and proof must be promptly provided to the Seller by the Buyer, along with a certified letter from the licensed veterinarian identifying and verifying the condition, along with any and all supporting medical evidence.  Seller shall replace the dog with a dog of the same quality and age as when purchased when one becomes available.


HIP WARRANTY  X-ray films (hip prelims) of the pups hips, showing proper positioning, and meeting OFA/SV standards, must be submitted to OFA (Preliminary evaluation) or SV (Final German evaluation) at 12 months of age. If in OFA or SV evaluation, the pup shows evidence of Hip dysplasia at one year of age, the Seller retains the right to have a veterinarian of their choice do additional x-rays to be submitted to OFA at up to 26 months of age.  If those x-rays reveal the same results, the buyer will:

a. Upon proof of spay/neuter of originally purchased puppy/dog, Seller will replace pup from next available litter (Not necessarily of original breeding.) Will replace with puppy of equivalent or same value, on limited registration.

b.  Will ONLY replace one puppy for the original puppy purchased in the original owners name on this contract.


Buyer acknowledges that Seller cannot guarantee that Puppy will achieve any particular titles (i.e. conformation championship, performance titles, etc.).  Buyer is encouraged to notify Seller of any pertinent accomplishments of Puppy, i.e. titles awards, or other accomplishments recognized by the American Kennel Club or other registry or organization. 


While initially, all puppies are sold on Limited AKC registration, puppies requesting to be been granted FULL AKC Registration for future breeding require the following:   Pups purchased for the intent of breeding are REQUIRED by this contract to complete a minimum of training to obtain an IGP BH title or Equivalent Titles (such as an AKC CD), as well has have documented passing OFA or SV Hips and Elbow scores (final, not preliminary), provided to the seller by 26 months of age.  Negative DM required if not DM Negative by parentage. If all of the above has received passing/favorable ratings, the Full AKC registration will be granted at the breeders discretion. This warranty is null and void if dog or bitch has been bred and/or is pregnant prior to 2 years of age (24 months).                               

Buyers Initials:  __________________       Date: _____________



Neither party shall assign this agreement or any payments or obligations due hereunder without the express and written consent of the other party.  Neither party shall transfer this agreement to another party without written consent of both parties.



In the event that the dog is returned or replaced under the terms of this Agreement, then Buyer shall return the dog to the Seller, provide Seller with all documentation confirming and documenting the dog’s physical condition, including X-rays, and all registration papers, and any and all other papers associated with this dog, including veterinarian documentation to the Seller.


Buyer shall bear any and all risk of loss from the death of or harm to the dog after the date of sale.  Buyer completely assumes all risk and loss of the dog.  In no event shall the Seller be responsible or liable for any cost associated with the care of treatment of the dog after the date of sale, including, but not limited to, veterinary expenses, cost of treatment and/or medication, cost of food, and/or cost of boarding/kennels.  Buyer agrees to pay and be liable for any such sums and to hold Seller harmless of such sums.



Buyer agrees to make every effort to adhere to the following:

  1. Properly vaccinate dog per Seller & Veterinarian recommendations. And maintain regular, scheduled veterinary care   

    Throughout the course of the dog’s life.

  1. Follow Seller’s recommendations for feeding the dog.

  2. Avoid excessive crating of the dog

  3. Maintain a healthy body condition (not allowing the dog to become too thin OR obese/overweight)

  4. Will not let dog run at large.

  5. Will not keep dog caged or chained in the back yard (The dog is to be part of the family).

  6. Will CONTACT SELLER if unable to keep dog for any reason and give Seller first right of refusal before re-homing the dog.

  7. Always provide adequate food, water, shelter and exercise for the dog.


IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties to this Agreement have hereinafter executed the same on the date first above written.


SELLER:    Haus Morrisson German Shepherds

                   Authorized Agent Signature:  _____________________________________________ Date:  _________________


BUYER:      Printed Name:  ________________________________________________________    

Signature:  ___________________________________________________________ Date: __________________

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