Haus Morrisson German Shepherds

Ijamsville, Frederick County, Maryland    .......................................  240-626-8110

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Temperament and health is very important to us!  This is a super pairing of two solid working dogs!  Having a good on/off switch and being able to transition from work to family is the key to a great dog. 

We expect great sport, protection, k9 potential, and great family companions from this litter.   We know what we are raising, because we train our own dogs, we did not buy our dogs already titled!!  

Early socialization, nuturing and training are key for well balanced puppies!


Puppies born May 13, 2019.  Four boys & Three  girls!

This litter is sold

Heska 1.jpg

UCD GRCH Heska vom Haus Morrisson TC CGCA CGCU TKA NW2 BN CD IT BH 

  • OFA Dentition:  Full

  • OFA DM:  (N/N) Clear/Normal

  • OFA Cardiac:  Normal

  • OFA Eyes:  Normal

  • OFA Thyroid:  Normal

  • OFA Hips : Good 

  • SV Hips:  A1 Normal

  • OFA Elbows: Normal

  • SV Elbows:  Normal

  • GSDCA:  Temperament Certified

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This litter is a DUAL SIRED LITTER.  All puppies will be DNA tested to confirm parentage.

OX STACK 3.jpg

V Ox Iveron IPO2 P1 PD1  Kkl  

  • OFA Hips:  Excellent

  • OFA  Elbows:  Normal

  • DM:  (N/N) Clear/Normal

fetto new - 3.jpg

SG Fetto z Lomeckeho Polesi IPO3 Kkl  

  • SV Hips:  A1 Normal

  • SV Elbows:  Normal

  • DM:  (N/N) Clear/Normal

  • Full Dentition