Marty Segretto is the amazing trainer at
DEFINITIVE K9, in Lovettsville, VA.
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Marty is a nationally certified Schutzhund helper/ decoy through DVG America & United Schutzhund Clubs of America. 

Training Commands in German

  • Achtung! (Ahk-toong’): Watch! Attention!
  • Aus! (Ows): Out! Drop It! Let Go!
  • Bleib! (Blibe): Stay!
  • Bringen! : Bring! Fetch!
  • Fass! (Fahs):Attack! Take hold!
  • Fuss! (Foos): Heel!
  • Gib Laut! : Bark! Speak!
  • Hier! : Here! Come!
  • Hopp! : Up! Jump!
  • Nein! (Nine):No!
  • Pass auf! (Pahs owf): Pay attention! 
  • Pfui! (Foo-ey): Shame! Stop That! 
  • lass es (lass-ess): Leave it! or: lassen Sie es
  • Platz! (Plots): Down! (Place)
  • Sitz! , Sitzen! (Zetze’n): Sit!
  • Such! (Zook): Search!
  • Voran! (For-ahn): Go forward!  Go out!
  • Voraus! (For-ows): Go forward! Run out!
  • Kriech (creekh): Crawl!

What is Schutzhund?
Schutzhund is a German word meaning "protection dog".  It refers to a sport that focuses on devloping and evaluating those traits in dogs that make them more useful as breeding dogs and happier companions to their owners.

Schutzhund concentrates on three parts or phases.  Obedience, Tracking and Protection.  The sport is designed to demonstrate a dog's intelligence and utility, as well as measure the dog's mental stability, endurance, structural efficiences, ability to scent, willingness to work, its courage and trainability.  

This sport is about complete CONTROL of your dog, it does not promote aggressiveness.

A working dog that possesses mental stability, has trust and confidence in itself, allowing it to be at peace with it's surroundings.  Training  in Schuthund can create an extremely well rounded dog with an incredible bond with its handler.