We often post German Shepherd Rescues, or dogs in need of placement from private homes.  Please use the contact information listed under each pets name if you are interested in that pet.

Here at Haus Morrisson we breed quality German Shepherd Dogs, suitable for Sport, Schutzhund, Police Work, Protection, Detection & Scent Work, Agility, Search & Rescue and wonderful Family Pets.   Our dogs are bred with the specific intention of producing excellent quality dogs with exceptional working ability and fantastic temperaments.

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D.O.B.:            11/20/11
AGE:                1.5 years
VACCINES:    Current through 12/8/13
SPAYED:         YES

A message from the owner: 

We unfortunately need to find a new home for Bela due to our daughter's allergies. She is good with our older dog and she is good with the baby she likes to play and run like most dogs. It takes her a little while to warm up to new people.  Giving her treats or throwing toys helps to get her there faster. She knows sit, lay and stay when she does something wrong all you have to do is what did you do and she will go lay down in her crate... if you tell her to back up to throw a toy she will. But she has a mind of her own and still a puppy so needs to be worked with some more.. I do have all the medical records from the day we first got her.

EMAIL:         barbiew8379@hotmail.com
PHONE:      304-596-4608